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hydrate - to supply water
Dryed up.
Hung out.
Boiling on the side walk...
Scrap me off,
    pick me up,
    drown me.
Hydration will only make me stronger.
Lay down beside me and you will keep me alive,
    quenching my desert.
Reduce my horrid stretching to keep me sane.
Let our touch be quiet and thirstless.
Keep my soul nurtured,
    grow me tender.
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 1 6
Andrew James
I can see you in the dark
I can smell you burning
I can hear you across the highway
I can taste your soul
And feel your aura
We are connected
For I know you feel me too
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 0 0
beauty in imparfection
A whisp of misplased hair
  The torn jeans formly around the body
             the faded shirt snugly hanging where it is
The shoes dipped in mud
        The necklace rusted in its place
    The earing, right earing, broken
                           The straps colored gray
            The sweatshirt drapped
                            on some left alone chair
The girls smiling in
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 0 9
I love the way you fill me up...
first the fingers that have never touched you, gently
then the hands that have never rubbed against you, tauntingly
then the arms that have never wrapped around you, escaping life
then the body that has never entwined with yours, lovingly
then the lips in which my own have not graced their presence with
then the eyes that have never been seen up close, deeply
then the hair that has never been ruffled or messed up by my fingers
Maybe its those little things that makes me want to explode...
With light or of hate
Take your pick
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 1 1
must you...WIP
Must you taunt me ever so boldly
Must you pretend to ignore me, ever so
Must you walk ever so slowly
Must you talk ever so sweetly
Never to me or for me, but always with me
... in my sight
Must you stand there ever so proudly
Must you wait there ever so patiently
Must you hate me ever so kindly
Must you love me ever so quietly
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 1 10
Le Message
The skin of some one looked smooth in the pale moon light.
The skin of some one smelled of a bunch of apples.
The skin of some one tasted of sweet chocolate.
The skin of some one felt of silk.
The arms of some one rapped around me like a sheild.
The body of some one, who lay next to me, felt safe.
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 0 2
Driving into Nothing
Rain Storms Down
Coldness Billows Around
          Like a Shield of grey,  Fog
          Springs of Colors,       Wet Leaves
          Bleak Browns,            Cropped Feilds
I wish You were Here
You could hold Me Tight
And tell Me things will be Alright.
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 0 6
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 0 4
Color Me...
Color Me Purple. . .
   Color Me Pink. . .
      Color Me Greenish
Color Me any Color. . .
Pick any color for Me. . .
And that will be the Color
            I want to be. . .
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 4 6
Break in Time
Mixed up
Matched up
Shook up
Fucked up
In a Daze
Going There
Coming Here
Hating Class
Brakong Glass
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 0 2
internal battle
Ripping Skin
Pounding Nails
Flowing Blood
Pouring out my
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 1 2
My head spins.
My stomach churns.
My legs, jelly.
My toes, cold.
My heart, torn.
The rain pellets.
The lightning strikes.
The thunder rolls.
My hair dampens.
My eyes clouded.
My throat throbed.
My hands, numb.
My heart, torn.
The rain pounded.
The lightning whipped.
The thunder chrashed.
I hoped...
The rain melted my body,
And washed me down the sewers.
Flowed out to the ocean,
Where I would become a wave,
Be ridden into land,
Evaporate into nothing.
See nothing,
Feel nothing,
BE nothing,
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 0 2
phone call
The phone rings
He picks up.
Al, what?
In his tired, sleepy voice.
I missed you.
I choke out.
The line is silent.
You do realize it's 3 am?
And we have school tomorrow?
He puts his hand over his eyes.
Yes, I squeak.
But I missed you.
I missed your eyes.
I missed your voice.
Your lips,
Your smell,
Your hair,
Your presence,
Your body,
Your mind,
Your touch,
Your smile,
Your everything.
I missed you.
The line is silent again.
I'm here for you.
He says sweetly.
Thanks, I whisper.
His snoring echos on the line,
And all around me and my room.
And soon my eyes close.
I'm finally asleep.
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 4 9
A Beautiful Nothingness
A Beautiful Nothingness
Shorlty follows a Deep Emptyness
To tell you the truth I don't know which is worse.
Nothingness is the deep pit in your stomach,
breath before the big storm.
Emptyness is the knowing there is no end,
no begining,
nothing here,
nothing there,
no bottom,
and no top.
Just a constant falling into the drowning seas,
which is worse than everything put together.
That's why it's Beautiful.
:iconfirebird1423:firebird1423 1 25


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